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Welcome to the place where you can manage your career in a matter of minutes and position yourself to make PowHer Moves ! You may be saying "What is a Micro ManagHer?!" Well I'm glad you asked!! A Micro ManagHer is a woman who is committed to managing her career incrementally by taking small, strategic steps that take less time and result in accelerated career progression.

I'm your Career Management Strategist and Mentor Ericka Spradley. I'll equip, empower and encourage you to not only excel at work and know your worth; but to also stop sitting on your ask and settling for less than you deserve.

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The reality is: having inadequate support and being stretched thin will always negatively impact your success as well as the trajectory of your career. That's why I'm here to disrupt the distractions and help you:

  • Advocate for yourself (and yes, you'll gain exclusive access to my Stop Sitting On Your Ask course)

  • Communicate with confidence and experience career mobility

  • Leverage influence and increase your visibility

  • Tackle the "Syndromes" - Imposter, Invisible Woman and Superwoman

  • Experience better balance and prioritize self-care as you navigate the "new normal"

  • Invest in social capital, cultivate relationships and build alliances that result in career advancement

  • Know your worth, increase your salary and SO MUCH MORE! #GetYourMoneyHoney

You can expect to find solutions for the career challenges you face as a woman in today's ever-changing workplace as well as exclusive free bonus courses and access to weekly success strategies PLUS:

  • 1. The "Silent" Career Killer: Let's start with increasing your visibility - whether you're remote or in the office.

  • 2. Advocacy Begins At Home - Show Up And Speak Up: self-advocacy is essential for women; you must be both visible and vocal to advance your career.

  • 3. Marketing Me: leverage your brand to create your strategic path to promotion.

  • 4. #SquadGoals - Building Your Success Team: success is never a solo act; you'll need social capital to experience career success.

  • 5. Reframing Career Mobility - Pivot & Promotion: mobility has multiple options so now you can weigh the best one that aligns with your next career win.

  • 6. Me Time - Balance And Boundaries: incorporate balance and boundaries without the guilt .

  • 7. The Art Of Saying No: learn what to say and when to say it to protect your priorities, improve your performance, etc.

  • 8. Leadership - Authentically You: bold leadership is by design not default and yes, you're built for this.

  • 9. Managing Perfectionism: establish what peak performance looks like in absence of unrealistic standards and expectations.

  • 10. Remaining Relevant: tap into hacks that help you stay on top of your game.


“Ericka Spradley this club is amazing💪🏾”


“I had an interview a couple of weeks ago and I felt more confident using your interview strategies. #Hired”


“I always want to be #1 in everything! The result......Complete Burnout and I couldn't take it!! I must thank Ericka Spradley for the wonderful conversation we had which made me decide what I want. I will be joining as Director of a media company now - so I work from home; more time with my husband and.. more time for my self care! Feels as if I have shed about a 1000 kgs off my shoulder!! Love you Ericka Spradley and can't thank you enough 🙏”


“Yesterday when I was customizing my 30-60-90 Strategy, I just started to beam with pride and gratitude as your course truly revealed supernatural secrets!! That is how I feel! Everyone is not privy to this knowledge…whew!!! Keep setting us free…free to be who we already are!! I thank God for your gifts! Much love and respect 💚 ”

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  • Bonus #1: Additional Career Courses

    $250 value

    You gain access to 10 courses when you enroll that position you to #GetHired, prepare for your upcoming performance evaluation, communicate confidently when conflict arises and SO MUCH MORE!

  • BONUS #2: Weekly Success Strategies

    $100 value

    You can access weekly strategies to help you better manage and advance your career! Topics include but of course are not limited to: work-life balance, self-care and influence. You also have the option to listen to these strategies via audio when you're pressed for time.

My Career Club is designed to give you the tools you need to live your best career life, achieve the balance you desire AND ...... you can take immediate action by implementing small steps that produce major career wins as soon as you join! This is the place for ambitious, high-performing women who are committed to achieving success and can no longer afford to do the work in absence of the rewards.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How will I know what's included in each module or course?

    Simply click on the course or module and you'll see a listing of what's included. When you see this symbol "+", click on it to expand a list of content included in a specific section.

  • Do you have an employer sponsorship letter I can provide?

    Yes, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the Career Club Employer Sponsor link if you're partnering with an employer to financially support your development.

  • When will I have access to the free bonus courses?

    Upon enrollment, you can immediately access the free bonus courses (valued at $250).

  • Can I access all of the monthly modules when I initially enroll?

    You will receive access to all of our free bonus courses initially as well as well as any released modules once you join the Career Club. In addition, Weekly Success Strategies can be accessed as well.

  • Will I receive a recurring charge?

    Yes, you will be charged $49 monthly as an active Career Club Member if you select the monthly payment option. However, if you enroll annually you will be billed once per year.

  • Can I purchase course topics separately?

    Courses cannot be purchased individually. As an active Career Club Member, you can access available content anytime.