“I surpassed 6 figures!! I never imagined I would be here Ericka. Seriously, so healing to know it is possible even as an immigrant with no college degree. I could not have done this without you!!”

“They verbally informed me that the offer will reflect starting salary $20k more plus 5% increase of bonus potential (from 10 to 15%).”

“After receiving an offer, I thought to myself “I can command more than that” considering the salary offered was below the midpoint. I revisited your content and tips; then submitted a counter offer. I received more than they initially offered!! ”

“They accepted my counter offer. I'm so excited! I'm signing it now. Thank you for encouraging me to ask!"”

What To Expect

  • Knowledge and tools to confidently negotiate salary.

  • Language to advocate for your worth.

  • Preparation strategy and framework for conversations with your leader.

  • Communication statements and mistakes to avoid.

  • Verbiage for your initial ask and counteroffer conversations.

Course Curriculum

    1. Introduction

    2. What Does The Market Say You're Worth?

    3. Salary Negotiation eGuide: Get Your Money Honey

    1. Stop Sitting On Your Ask

    2. Participant Guide: Stop Sitting On Your Ask

    3. What NOT To Say: 10 Phrases To Avoid During Advocacy Conversations

    4. 20 Phrases That Stop You From Sitting On Your Ask

    1. Congratulations!!

    2. Resignation Letter Template

About this course

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