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"Ericka, working with you has helped me prepare for my performance evaluation. I'm more organized and am preparing my path to becoming a VP." 

Preparing for your performance evaluation can be a painful process but it doesn't have to be. I've created a simple, strategic formula called "GAME" to help you organize your thoughts and prepare in a powerful way.

This mini-course includes:

  • Video: 10 Detrimental Mistakes Women Make When Talking Work And Money
  • Strategy that helps you prepare for your evaluation conversation and gain clarity
  • Questions to consider (those to ask of yourself and of your leader PLUS Questions leaders can pose to employees)
  • Blueprint that helps you prepare and ask for a raise
  • Game plan that positions you to align your achievements with performance criteria 
  • Formula for creating bullets that will ultimately position you to confidently communicate your skills and results in writing when submitting your evaluation

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Ericka Spradley

Career Coach| Chief PowHer Officer

In her national career consulting firm, Ericka Spradley takes ambitious, mid-career women further faster by coaching them to interview flawlessly, manage their career and define professional success on their terms. Ericka’s encouraging feedback, positivity and thought-provoking questions affirm clients who are ready to ditch perfection, play bigger and make PowHer moves. She coaches women to:Identify their next career moveCreate a career strategy which includes interview masteryPosition themselves for a rewarding, successful careerIn essence, Ericka helps clients take their career to the next level! To learn more, visit Ericka’s website: 

Course curriculum

    1. Introduction: Watch "Top 10 Detrimental Mistakes Women Make When Talking Work and Money"

    2. Introduction eGuide: " The Top 10 Detrimental Mistakes Women Make When Talking Work And Money"

    1. GAME: Preparing For Your Powerful Performance Evaluation

    2. Performance Evaluation Questions

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