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Power isn’t title specific. In actuality, it can and does come from your experience as well as your knowledge. Every woman possesses power that can and should be consistently used to her professional advantage. In the workplace, talent has a tendency to stand out when special skills or areas of expertise are highlighted, giving the individual a certain level of importance. In understanding this, women must confidently consider themselves an expert and embrace the power that comes with this perspective.

This course (former Master Class) includes:

  • A definition of expert power (What is it?)
  • The advantages as well as the disadvantages of leveraging this type of personal power in your career 
  • An understanding of how to frame assertive conversations
  • How to position “I Statements” as a component of confident communication
  • Ways women should use expert power to advance their career 
  • BONUS eGuide: "Finding Your Voice" which includes 5 Steps To Speaking Up For Yourself
  • BONUS eGuide: "Increasing Your Visibility Through Intrapreneurship" which includes unleashing mastery, metrics, management and PowHer Talk to enhance your competitive advantage

Ericka Spradley

Career Coach| Chief PowHer Officer

In her national career consulting firm, Ericka Spradley takes ambitious, mid-career women further faster by coaching them to interview flawlessly, manage their career and define professional success on their terms. Ericka’s encouraging feedback, positivity and thought-provoking questions affirm clients who are ready to ditch perfection, play bigger and make PowHer moves. She coaches women to:Identify their next career moveCreate a career strategy which includes interview masteryPosition themselves for a rewarding, successful careerIn essence, Ericka helps clients take their career to the next level! To learn more, visit Ericka’s website: 

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome To Leveraging Your Expert Power!!

    2. BONUS: Increasing Your Visibility Through Intrapreneurship

    1. Let's Get Started

    2. Participant Guide

    3. Leveraging Expert Power: Use It Or Lose It

    1. Next Steps

    2. BONUS: Finding Your Voice

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