“Separate your reaction from your response is just one of the gems from this course. Thanks Ericka Spradley for the free course full of communication tactics I was able to listen to in 20 minutes.....”

In less than 30 min., you will learn 5 steps to implement immediately that will help you "Ditch The Downplay"!

  • Understand the definition of “Ditch The Downplay” and how it’s negatively impacting your career.

  • Discover communication tactics that enhance your presence and personal power.

  • Build self-advocacy by incorporating 5 core components that position you to stop downplaying who are you and what your strengths are in the workplace.

  • Consistently leveraging the 5 core components can also result in increased visibility.

  • Identify “assets” you possess (those that are NOT holding you back) so you can ditch perfection and stop undermining your professional success

  • Examine Gender Blindness and why “ungendering” certain qualities increases confidence.

  • Understand what mental toughness is and what it is not with a goal of creating actionable steps to improve your weakest mental toughness trait.

  • Identify the 5 detrimental ways women undermine and sabotage their professional success.

  • Understand how to position your “ask” (what you need to advance and/or accelerate your career).

  • Gain clarity so you can communicate your skill-based results (value).

Course Curriculum

    1. Decide

    1. Ditch Perfection

    2. Transferable Skills Listing

    1. Develop Mental Toughness

    1. Deploy Confident Communication

    1. Don't Neglect Your Ask

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